CONSULTATION/  ASSESSMENT - usually takes 1 1/2-2 hours including an interview, review of your history, examination and treatment.                           $210
The TREATMENT is individually designed for each person.  It is a combination of therapies (REIKI, MYOFASCIAL RELEASE and/or ENERGY MEDICINE) and is guided by your own situation.  I utilize light touch therapy. The client is usually fully clothed throughout the session.  Each session is different and the therapy is dictated by the clients needs.       
$125/60 minutes
$155/90 minutes
Preparing for the session:  drink plenty of water prior to and after the session.  Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.  If you have a specific shoulder or back issue, women should wear an athletic bra or swimsuit top under their clothing.  Please wear or bring shorts also.
What can I expect from a treatment session?  Because each treatment is different, you may have different results each session as well.  Sometimes you may feel nothing.  But do not let that fool you.  The treatment works over the next 24 hours and you may be surprised to notice changes several hours after the treatment was completed.  You may feel like you had a nice, relaxing massage.  Most people feel calm and peaceful.  Many report " I feel like I am back home in my body."  Clients experience increased physical, mental, and emotional balance in addition to pain relief and improved posture.    
How much treatment will I need?
There is no set number of treatments as it varies with each individual’s needs. Results are often seen immediately following the first treatment. Goals of this therapy include assisting the client in learning self-treatment techniques including relaxation,  stretching, meditation, grounding and home exercises.
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