Are you struggling with stress, pain, anxiety or insomnia?
Have you  been from doctor to doctor but cannot find long term relief or answers?  Are you dealing with uncomfortable symptoms/diagnosis like:
* Joint pain and stiffness
* Fibromyalgia
* Chronic fatigue
* Stress and Depression
Welcome to the Wellness-Connection
a safe place for relief ... naturally.
                                                                                             Kathy Conyers LMT #59266
"Omg been going pretty much weekly for two years plus and the transfo...rmation in my energy level has been so over the top kathy is amazing as a reiki energy medicine myofacial release plus the PA knowledge she has I wish everyone could experience what I have my chakras are buzzing im feeling better than I have in years."
C. Hennig, social worker retired, Orlando, FL 9/28/2014
"I’ve been battling recurrent lung cancer for the past several months and was experiencing doubts about my ability to get through the treatments and having alot of trouble keeping some equilibrium in my life . Then I had the great good fortune to meet Kathy Conyers. I don’t consider myself a “spiritual’ person and I don’t claim to understand reiki, but Kathy has helped me find balance and a large measure of faith in my ability to “do this” and to feel a great measure of success regardless of the eventual outcome. When I got home after our first session my son said I was glowing and that’s the way I feel after our sessions. I’ve often heard cancer survivors say that they learned many positive things as a result of their illness. Working with Kathy is certainly at the top of my list of positive things - she’s helping me walk through this difficult time and she’s helping me learn so many lessons about myself and my life that I’ll carry with me through whatever the future may bring."
S.H. Orlando, FL 2/2012 
"Before treatments, I was in a fog, unproductive and not meaning to but focusing on negative. I had been praying all aong but it wasn't until I put faith to work by stepping forward with treatments that physical, mental and spiritual positive energy manifesteditself! Incredible! Praise the Lord!...Your energy connected with my spirit and was the boost I needed to soar right out of the rut I was in!... Business has picked up the pace which is awesome. I have no doubt that it was the(distant)treatments ." FredaJones, realtor, Birmingham AL 4/14/2012
"It was very cool. I felt a lot of grounding going on. And I've been carrying a lot of tension in the left side of my body. At one point I felt waves going up and down that side. Feet to head and back again. Now completey relaxed." Sara Achor, RN Ohio 3/2/2012      
"I have had CFS/ME for 20 years and have tried many, many therapies, beginning with what western medicine had to offer, which was not very much. Having also been a nurse practitioner, I was also interested in looking at more holistic approaches and finding out 'what else' was out there that could possibly help me and the millions who have this illness. I found Kathy back in September, 2012 and have experienced healing at levels I never dreamed possible, the depth of which still amazes and blesses me daily. The effects of the treatments are permanent and cumulative, and I am finding myself able to do things I never thought I'd do again-- like hiking! She is a true healer in every sense of the word and has many tools in her toolbox to help anyone. I cannot recommend her loving care and services highly enough."
 J.T. Orlando, FL Nurse Practitioner
"My primary goal in my treatments is to manage my weight. I didn't know what to expect, and had no preconceived ideas of what that might look like. The treatments themselves are gentle and quiet and comforting. So far, I have experienced a sense of well being that is brand new and exciting - new, but familiar at the same time. I'm energized and have begun an exercise program. I'm reconnecting with the healthy me; I was disconnected completely. I'm integrating that healthy me, because that is who I really am. So exciting!"
Catherine Stapleton, 4/2012 Orlando, FL
Thank you God for the wonderful services provided at the Wellness-Connection, LLC ... This is a True Place of HEALING and I am so GRATEFUL!
Kathy thank you for all that you are and all that you do. You and the Wellness Connection have made such a difference in my life. To you I truly say Namaste.   
N. Rankin  Orlando, FL  9/2014
Kathy has a wonderful gift and she uses it to facilitate healing. I always feel better after one of her treatments. 
Sara Z.  Massage therapist , Orlando FL  7/2014
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